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Maybe Facebook has over complicated the whole thing, creating confusion with the overall end user’s experience. I know the business aspect has become full blown “rocket surgery” and I’m not sure if I mastered it, I would really get more sales. 

Simply getting a message to the target audience on Facebook has become overly convoluted. I think Facebook is doing exactly the opposite of what made it originally a genius advertising vehicle by overshooting the target audience and having that horse shoes and hand grenade effect of hoping to hit the target by getting just close to it.

For the current popular Facebook addict it seems to work quite well for stroking their ego, but for many people in the “Real World”, Facebook is creating a social void of sorts, bringing an isolation effect to the mix, making people less social in reality. The depressing reality hitting hard for the rest of us seeking a real service that makes us part of something, not apart from everything.

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